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Thinking of doing a detox? Find out what you need for a healthy detox.


Toxicity is unavoidable. In our everyday lives, all of us are exposed to some of the residual burden of the two to three thousand new-to-nature chemicals which are invented and released into the environment every year. Additionally, our food sources, lifestyle and stress has lead to imbalanced gut flora (“Good” bacteria Vs “Bad” Bacteria) and reduced gut integrity. Combined, these are emerging as the chief driver of all types of disease.

Despite ubiquitous toxicity in our environment, each individual’s response to a given amount of toxin exposure can vary wildly. A combination of genetic polymorphisms, age, diet, lifestyle, immune reactivity, antioxidant defence and other factors determine our resistance to toxicity. Combining genetic and nutritional testing, with nutritional detoxifiers and reducing the modifiable portion of toxic load is our best defence.
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