KISS Nutrition - pH TestAt K.I.S.S Nutrition we are about delivering results! To know if you are improving – you need to measure results!

A range of screening tools and pathology are used to develop your treatment protocol and ensure you are responding positively to treatment. Some of these tools are used at every consultation, while some are used intermittently – it just depends on what you need.

The screening tools include Zinc testing, pH testing, Body Composition and Cellular Health Testing.

The pathology testing available is the widest in Australia. K.I.S.S Nutrition only uses pathology services that provide high quality laboratory testing giving the most accurate and reliable results.

The extensive range of pathology testing panels offered by K.I.S.S Nutrition to it’s clients include Hormonal Assessments, GIT Assessments, Food Allergy Assessments as well as Nutritional and Metabolic Assessments.

With personalised testing panels, customised interpretation reports on results and competitive pricing, you can be confident you have invested in yourself wisely.


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